Released January 31, 2011
Recorded January 1-20, 2011
Genre Post-Punk, Experimental Rock
"Hark the Harold"

"Void" is a song written by ThornBrain's dad Mike Scholl. ThornBrain released a cover of it on his debut album, BlackholeWhitespace.


The song is one of three covers Thorn recorded of his dad Mike's music for BlackholeWhitespace, Void being one of the oldest songs Mike ever wrote (almost being as old as Thorn himself). Thorn's version is largely unchanged from Mike's original, though Thorn found his own version came out considerably amateurish; he is the least happy with "Void" out of all the songs on the album, and thus left it off of the ThornBrain is Really Bad at This - The Best of the Worst (2009 - 2011) compilation.


$100 bills
But I can't fill
The emptiness in my soul
If gold is for fools
Then what is the use
Of filling up a burning hole

What is lacking can never be counted
What is missing is a piece of mind
Is there any estate
That will not hesitate
To usher in the end of time

Well it's so void
It's so void
There's no doubt or a cause
Just hollow applause
Like a sleepwalking crowd
It's so void

Well it's so void
It's so void
There's no reason to doubt
Just hollow it out
At the bottom lies a crowd
It's void

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