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Todd's Toilets


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Todd's hot air balloon

Todd's hot air balloon

Todd's Toilets refers to a series of bit characters in Sgt Frog Abridged. It is composed of Todd Sirkowski himself, a daredevil toilets vendor, and George Albert [Nishizawa], "The Urinal Guy". George Albert is revealed in SFA12 to be Momoka's father, and Todd is revealed in SFA18 to be the Hinata patriarch.

The two appear to be in competition: Todd says in his Episode 1 commercial for people not to "buy that George Albert crap" , whereas George's radio commercial in Episode 6 says "Who needs a toilet when you can have a urinal?", and he orders Todd's blimps to be shot down in Episode 12. Todd was initially winning the competition, due to selling a more versatile item, advertising in a constantly-crashing hot air balloon, and having a considerably livelier jingle in his commercials. George Albert brought Kululu into his business in SFA12 and greatly increased his profits, though Kululu collapsed the entire industry himself by the end of the episode.

Both characters were voiced by ThornBrain, until the real George Albert was revealed in SFA12 and was instead voiced by Vorhias. The Todd's Toilets jingle in Episode 1 is played by Thorn and sung by Thorn with BigTUnit1.

The Episode 3 Post-Credits hints that Kululu paid Todd to fly around the Hinata's in order to spy on them and Keroro. It is also revealed in Episode 18 that Todd is Aki's husband and Fuyuki and Natsumi's father.

Non-SFA Appearances

  • Todd's Toilets has a competitor in The Audio Logs of Dr. Squid, Carl's Commodes. Carl's first appearance is a subtle reference to Todd, while in his second appearance he outright says "Fuck Todd! Fuck him right in his earballs!"


  • Yoshi came up with the initial "Todd's Toilets" phrase during scriptwriting for SFA1R. He and Thorn wanted to think of an extremely lame gift card to receive, and Thorn's first suggestion was Macy's. After Yoshi saw an unknown TV show with a character named Todd, the phrase "Todd's Toilets" just came out.
  • Todd's Toilets is one of the two jokes from the original SFA1 to be brought back for the remake, in turn being expanded to a running gag throughout the episode and later the series.
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