Lesbo #1 and Lesbo #2
(From right) Lesbos 2 and 1 as seen in Episode 5
Character info
Title Lesbos
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Earth
Voice Actor #1 - Mugiwara Yoshi
#2 - ThornBrain
First Appearance Episode 1
Status Minor character
Lesbo #1 and Lesbo #2, collectively known as The Lesbos, are a duo of minor characters in Sgt Frog Abridged. They epitomize the school-wide obsession that girls have with Natsumi. Their only real purpose in the series is to hound Natsumi and derive humor from their uncomfortable actions.

Lesbo #1 has a trademark squeal that she makes at random points.

Notable Quotes

#1: *Rubbing Natsumi's back* "Oh Natsumi, I can feel your spine in my face."
#2: "Want me to wash that when she's done with it?"
Natsumi: "Okay girls! I appreciate the affection, but this is getting uncomfortable."
#2: *Low* "Then why don't you slip into something more comfortable...?"
*#1 squeals* - Episode 1

#2: "I wish Natsumi was here!"
#1: "And I wish you were Natsumi!"
Together: "WAAAAAAAAH!" - Episode 5


  • Lesbo #1's real name is Satsuki, while #2's real name is Yayoi. The only reason they are referred to as "The Lesbos" is because nobody could remember their names during writing of the pilot; all anyone remembered was that they were in love with Natsumi.
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