Lesbo #1 and Lesbo #2
(From left to right) Lesbos 2 and 1 as seen in Episode 5
Character info
Title Lesbos
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Earth
Voice Actor #1 - Mugiwara Yoshi
#2 - ThornBrain
First Appearance Episode 1
Status Minor character
Lesbo #1 and Lesbo #2, collectively known as The Lesbos, are a duo of minor characters in Sgt Frog Abridged. They epitomize the school-wide obsession that girls have with Natsumi. Their only real purpose in the series is to hound Natsumi and derive humor from their uncomfortable actions. However between Episode 10 and Episode 17 they "broke up" with her.

Lesbo #1 has a trademark squeal that she makes at random points.

The two are included in the R.I.P. list after the Episode 18, having been time-frozen along with the rest of Earth.

Notable Quotes

#1: *Rubbing Natsumi's back* "Oh Natsumi, I can feel your spine in my face."
#2: "Want me to wash that when she's done with it?"
Natsumi: "Okay girls! I appreciate the affection, but this is getting uncomfortable."
#2: *Low* "Then why don't you slip into something more comfortable...?"
*#1 squeals* - Episode 1

#2: "I wish Natsumi was here!"
#1: "And I wish you were Natsumi!"
Together: "WAAAAAAAAH!" - Episode 5


  • Lesbo #1's real name is Satsuki, while #2's real name is Yayoi. The only reason they are referred to as "The Lesbos" is because nobody could remember their names during writing of the pilot; all anyone remembered was that they were in love with Natsumi.
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