The Forgotten One
Released January 31, 2011
Recorded December 22, 2010-January 18, 2011
Genre Experimental Pop, Ambient
"30 Century Man"

"The Forgotten One" is a song written by Austin Scholl and recorded under his alias ThornBrain. It was first released as an instrumental on the Futures Passed Free Music compilation, The First Snow of Winter. Vocals were then recorded by friend Tiana Camacho, and the final version was released on Thorn's debut album, BlackholeWhitespace.


"The Forgotten One" was the first new song to be written on the BlackholeWhitespace album. Thorn was asked mid-December 2010 to join the FPFM label, which motivated him to record new material. He first wrote "The Forgotten One" for The First Snow of Winter compilation; it was initially released as an instrumental for the compilation (cymbal crashes were added to increase the Winter feel). Lyrics were written, but Thorn felt his vocals were inadequate, so he asked fellow MidnightFrog LillyLivers to sing the song. The final version with her vocals was released on BlackholeWhitespace, and the original instrumental (minus cymbals) was included on the BlackspaceWorkinprogress EP.

The rhythm vocoder is of Thorn humming a potential drumbeat, though he liked how the vocal recording sounded through the vocoder instead. Using this vocoder track and a simple bassline, he improvised all of the guitar work. This manifests itself in some wrong notes that Thorn just runs with, and the guitars noticeably jump around in the stereo. Thorn ultimately liked how it all came out, so he eschewed retakes and kept it as is, warts and all.

The lyrics are intentionally morbid, describing someone dying in the wilderness and having their body covered by the Autumn leaves, then the Winter snow ("It's not the world that's on my shoulders/Just the weather hiding me from them", "One million disguises hover over"), ultimately to never be found again ("Alone I lie in wait of contact"). Despite it being the only song on the album to directly invoke death, it is a topic Thorn thinks about frequently, and the song was based on his own feelings of futility due to him not believing in an afterlife.


It's not the world that's on my shoulders
Just the weather hiding me from them
No one can see beyond the cover
Hidden and punctured by the stem

Alone I lie in wait of contact
The creatures found me long before
One million disguises hover over
Forgotten one beneath the floor

Forgotten one
Forgotten one

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