The Flint Robot has a Perfect Day
Released March 1, 2010
Recorded August 6, 2009 - March 1, 2010
Genre Noise, Avant-Garde
The Right Way to do Everything

"The Flint Robot has a Perfect Day" is a song by Austin Scholl and Dan Flintham released under the project title The Flint Robot. It was remixed and released as a b-side for the "Lost Effort" single, and the remix was re-released on ThornBrain is Really Bad at This - The Best of the Worst (2009 - 2011).


Dan's guitar and vocals were originally recorded in August 2009 following Thorn's writing of the lyrics that would later become "Tell Us if You've Seen This Guy Before". His parts were mainly bits and pieces Thorn could use if he ever found a use for them in his music. Eventually Thorn put together a two-piece rhythm track composed of a microphone pop run through a tremolo and a small piece of Skype static. He then added Dan's vocals (a Morrissey/Ian Curtis-inspired reading of the previously-mentioned lyrics) and a piece of the distorted, ringing guitar to the mix. Originally the track contained a sampled keyboard note from Peter Gabriel's "Not One of Us", but this was replaced with a note taken from a recording of Dan playing with a Moog iPhone app for the single release.

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