Episode 6: Supporting Roles
Season 1, Episode 6
The Audio Logs of Dr

The Audio Logs of Dr. Squid - Episode 6 Supporting Roles

Air date 09/23/11
Length 12:22
Written by MrVorhias
Link YouTube
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Supporting Roles is the sixth episode of The Audio Logs of Dr. Squid. Squid attempts to submit a complaint to intergalactic corporation SmegCo about his recent purchase: a planet-destroying bomb that appears to be a dud.

Episode SummaryEdit

Semi-inspired by real life...some more.


  • Dr. Squid - MrVorhias
  • Malachi - ThornBrain
  • Spider-Cat - ZA Shojogamer
  • Announcer/Tzarvys - Dreamer
  • Rajeev, the Tech Support Guy - MrBadAxe

Additional Audio UsedEdit


  • Dr. Squid Theme - Sawtooth
  • "Around the World" - Senor Coconut, covered from Daft Punk

Sound EffectsEdit


  • The very end of the video introduces the new logo of LaserBucks, an image of Monopoly's Uncle Penneybags shooting lasers out of his eyes, which was designed by MrBadAxe.
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