Episode 4: The Boss Is Back
Season 1, Episode 4
The Audio Logs of Dr

The Audio Logs of Dr. Squid - Episode 4 The Boss Is Back

Air date 07/20/11
Length 11:12
Written by MrVorhias
Link YouTube
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The Boss Is Back is the fourth episode of The Audio Logs of Dr. Squid. Squid is contacted by his boss, Lord Calimar, about his dangerous hatred for Earth.

Episode SummaryEdit

Even would-be alien overlords have angry bosses.


Additional Audio UsedEdit


  • Dr. Squid Theme - Sawtooth
  • "Blade Runner" - Vangelis

Sound EffectsEdit


  • Lord Calimar's coordinates are, a reference to Sgt Frog Abridged, specifically a joke in Episode 6.
    • The post-credits stinger also includes Carl's Commodes, a recurring reference to SFA's Todd's Toilets.
  • The end of the video includes an outtake of Thorn sounding slightly drunk.
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