Episode 1: The Doctor Is In
Season 1, Episode 1
The Audio Logs of Dr

The Audio Logs of Dr. Squid - Episode 1 The Doctor Is In

Air date 04/13/11
Length 7:16
Written by MrVorhias
Link YouTube
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Episode 2: We Have A Mascot
The Doctor Is In is the pilot episode of The Audio Logs of Dr. Squid. It introduces the core cast of Squid, his undead servant Malachi, the Computer Voice, and their interactions with the local human inhabitants.

Episode SummaryEdit

The first of many collected audio recordings of a murderous, psychotic alien scientist. Trapped in a world he doesn't understand, and would rather blow up.

Oh, and Malachi, too.


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Sound EffectsEdit


  • An outtake each of Thorn and Vorhias is played after the credits.
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