TheMidnightFrogs Podcast was an occasional stream hosted by ThornBrain, Mugiwara Yoshi, and various members of TheMidnightFrogs for the purposes of promotion and discussion of their projects. It was broadcast variously on Ustream, Vokle, Hitbox, and YouTube during the team's life, and all of its episodes are archived on MediaFire. The infamous post-show recordings from 2010 and 2011 are also available to download.

Fatty Time

The podcast is an off-shoot of the team's former podcast, Fatty Time, from their time before splitting with DFatman. The then-podcast format was much looser, with everyone generally mucking about in-between updates on projects, often with Thorn reading stories in a humorous manner. TheMidnightFrogs Podcast retained the Fatty Time format for its first two episodes before Thorn and Yoshi decided it should focus on their projects instead of random humour and, as Yoshi put it, "Thorn just reading shit for most of it".

Podcast Description

The podcast was primarily a platform for the team to discuss recently uploaded abridging videos, as well as to give updates on other projects including Let's Plays and individual projects. It used to be held every other Saturday at 3PM Pacific, but after the "Best Wishes Abridged Launch Party" podcast, they primarily happened the weekend after a new abridging episode or project was uploaded. Some episodes also aired by sheer whim of the team.


Guests on the podcast were primarily members of TheMidnightFrogs, usually those with some involvement in the to-be-discussed videos. BigTUnit1, InfamousGentleman and JigglyJacob were the most consistent regulars on the podcast, occasionally joined by codeblackhayate, Sawtooth, LillyLivers, Revy Moonshine, Teddy, and/or an-artist-complex. Every then-MidnightFrog was able to join the SFA Birthday Party on February 16, 2011.

For the first two episodes, which were largely carry-overs of the Fatty Time format, the guests were then-Kululu voice actor GhostTC, one-time Momoka voice actress Al Vee, and Thorn's friend Madcapoperator. Podcast 5 marked a period of regular podcasts with just Thorn and Yoshi which lasted until the SFA6 Party half a year later.

Yoshi's then-favorite Let's Players, WiiRikeToPray, were interviewed for the fourth episode, and composer MBulteau was interviewed for the fortieth episode.


  • Updates
  • Shooting the Shit - Everyone just talks about what's on their minds, or they tell stories. The vagueness of this segment is to allow the team to talk about what they want, or to not bother if they have nothing. (Regular segment from Episode 5 - Episode 12; returned in Episode 33)
  • Thorn's Top Albums of the Year - Thorn's annual list of his favourite albums of the preceding year. January-only segment. Each individual list is documented on the main page. After TheMidnightFrogs' quiet dissolution, he began giving these lists on his personal podcast A Thorn in the Brain.

If a podcast is listed as "[x] Party", it likely does not include any of these segments. Since May 2014, some format-less hangout podcasts have also aired.

Former Segments

  • Grammar Nazi Thorn - Thorn does a live dramatic reading of a badly-written story, reading every typo as it is written. While it was a Fatty Time staple, a variation of it was used in only Episode 1 and Episode 2 before being dropped.
  • Yoshi's Craptastic Story - Another carry-over staple from Fatty Time and an offshoot of Grammar Nazi Thorn. Yoshi would write a story with terrible grammar and spelling, and Thorn would read it as over-the-top as possible. Last used in Episode 1 and Episode 2, with Yoshi making it clear in Episode 2 that he never wanted to do another ever again.
  • Abridgeology - Thorn and/or Yoshi review an Abridged series or video they recently saw. A regular segment from Episode 5 to Episode 12, but it was dropped when the two stopped actively watching abridged series and focused the podcast on their own projects.


All podcasts are hosted on Thorn's MediaFire and have YouTube mirrors on either Thorn's Archives or TheMidnightFrogs.


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