Fatty Time
Episode 2
Fatty Time Episode 2 - Tamama Sings of Grammar Nazi

Fatty Time Episode 2 - Tamama Sings of Grammar Nazi

Air date 12/17/2009
Length 1:00:04
Starring DFatman
Mugiwara Yoshi
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Tamama Sings of Grammar Nazi is the second episode of the Fatty Time podcast. It aired December 17, 2009, and it was hosted by DFatman, Mugiwara Yoshi, and ThornBrain.

The entire episode is composed of Thorn and Yoshi reading badly-written stories and poems by Fatman, and Yoshi also sings some of the stories as Tamama. This resulted in two segments on the podcast: the staple Grammar Nazi Thorn, and the short-lived Tamama Sings. They would be implemented into the podcast when it developed a structure in the following episodes.


  • The podcast opens with a theme one of Fatman's friends made for the podcast. It would go on to only be used a few times.
  • TheMidnightFrogs-coined term "capo" originates from this episode.
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