Fatty Time
Episode 1
Fatty Time Episode 1 - TAMATA TITS

Fatty Time Episode 1 - TAMATA TITS

Air date 12/14/2009
Length 1:13:52
Starring DFatman
Mugiwara Yoshi
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Tamama Sings of Grammar Nazi
This article is about the Fatty Time podcast episode. For the inside-joke that the title takes its name from, go to Tamama Tits. For the song parody, go to "Tamama's Titties".

TAMATA TITS is the first episode of the Fatty Time podcast. It aired December 14, 2009, and was hosted by DFatman, Mugiwara Yoshi, and ThornBrain. One-time team friend VFanatic joins the call 21 minutes in.

Because the episode was simply a recorded Skype chat, it has no structure or segments, and the group simply talked with each other about various subjects. The recording only ends because everyone drops from the call.


  • Offhand remarks are made about a Fist of the North Star Abridged series that VFanatic and Fatman were working on for a short period before Yoshi joined the group. Thorn was in-line to narrate and voice main character Kenshiro. The fallout with V ended its production well before Sgt Frog Abridged began.
  • The podcast takes its name from the inside-joke, Tamama Tits, which Yoshi divulges during the episode. "Tamata" is a result of Fatman misspelling the title for the PodOMatic stream.
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