Spider cover
Released ETA: December 1
Recorded October 2012 - Present
Genre Hardcore Pop (Punk Rock, Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, Noise Pop, Noise Rock, Experimental)
Label ThornBrainMusic
ThornBrain music chronology
The Right Way to do Everything
Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty or Dying

Spider is the upcoming companion compilation to ThornBrain's new album, Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty or Dying, originally intended to be a companion to Geizhals. Whereas the album is to be released for purchase, Spider will be free to download. It is currently set for release on December 1st in promotion of Nobody Cares...

Confirmed Tracklisting

* - Nobody Cares... album track
** - Nobody Cares... album outtake
*** - Spider exclusive

  1. "Spider" **
  2. "Let's Make a Martyr (demo)" ***
  3. "Headcase" **
  4. "An O in Hell" **
  5. "What a Way to Go" *
  6. "Synthscape" *
  7. "I Forgot (2009 instrumental demo)" ***
  8. "Hang On, I Got This" *
  9. "Requiem (Killing Joke cover)" ***
  10. "Ex Lion Tamer (Wire cover)" ***
  11. "Blackout (Lush cover)" ***
  12. "Don't Dub Me (Don't Hear Me excerpt)" *

Album Art

The cover art is a cropped version of the 1926 painting "Der Geizhals" by Margret Hofheinz-Döring. The EP was originally planned as a companion to Thorn's shelved album Geizhals, which would have taken its name from the painting.

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