June 9, 2011 - November 22, 2012


Noise Rock, Punk Rock, Shoegaze

"Spider" is a song written by Austin Scholl and recorded under his alias ThornBrain. It was set to be released on the now-shelved album, Geizhals and instead appeared in an extended single mix on the promotional Spider compilation and as a hidden track on Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty or Dying.


"Spider" provides a contrarian metaphor as a mockery of Arachnophobia, playing them as better lovers than "insects" (the abusive and dangerous) and "dogs" (the obsessive and clingy). The lyrics were written in August 2012, inspired by the obsessive hounding of one of Thorn's female friends (an arachnophobe) by his male friends. Music was written the following September, inspired by My Bloody Valentine (primarily the song "Only Shallow"), Helios Creed, Chrome, early Killing Joke, and early Brian Eno (namely "Needle in the Camel's Eye" and "Baby's On Fire").

The single version opens with an ambient 12-string soundscape originally recorded in June 2011 for an abandoned microsong compilation. It also includes a sample from a California Lottery "Strike it Rich!" commercial.


Oh, what a monster
Would you look at those big eyes
He will suck your life right out of you
And you'll give until he dies
You're in need of pest control
Before you lose the plot
Take him out however you like
And give a spider a shot
(Yeah, you heard me)

Oh, you're quite a specimen
You've got in mind a goal
With your six arms wrapped around a girl
And your spine wrapped around a pole
I hope she appreciates the thought
For her most eventful birthday
Her last thought was she might upgrade
'Cause they're just giving spiders away

Don't mention the spider
on your daughter's arm
She'll never notice if you crush him instead

It's not love without the glove
So proceed to invade their space
If they say they're not having fun
I say it's OK to give chase
Now how is that so bad when there's
A sick dog pissing in your hands
I say it's time to give a spider a chance

Give a spider a chance!

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