Shout as seen in Episode 2
Character info
Title Captain
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction The Jetters
Voice Actor codeblackhayate
First Appearance Episode 2
Status Lead character

Shout is a lead character in Jetters Abridged and is the captain of the Jetters in Mighty's absence.


After Mighty's disappearance, Shout takes over leading the Jetters on their missions and handling the diplomatic aspects of the various jobs. While on their home planet, Shout works at a ramen restaurant run by her father, Twister. Her mother is absent for currently unknown reasons.

Shout does not think very highly of her coworkers, and she and Shiro argue frequently. Her personality does however parallel Shiro's in many ways, being that she is smart but prone to cluelessness, sarcasm, and outright anger issues. She can be seen as what Shiro may be like after a few more years in the Jetters.

Notable QuotesEdit

Shout: "I've seen people from Planet Bomber, but I've never seen a Bomberman before!"
Shiro: "...Are you fucking serious?" - Episode 2

Butler: "Instead of red with pride, I am red with rage!"
Shout: "Okay. I see where this is going. I don't feel comfortable with it...But screw it, we need the money!" - Episode 3

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