TheMidnightFrogs Podcast
Episode 29
Air date 11/23/2012
Length 2:56:09
Starring ThornBrain
Mugiwara Yoshi
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Third Midnight Frogs Anniversary

Sgt Frog Abridged Series Finale is the twenty-ninth episode of TheMidnightFrogs Podcast. It was hosted by ThornBrain, Mugiwara Yoshi and BigTUnit1 to commemorate the then-ending of Sgt Frog Abridged. The series would be revived the following March.



Jetters Abridged - Episode 4

  • Why we used Bomberman Jetters Episode 5 and not 4:
    • Bongo and Gangu are the focus of 4: not developed enough yet to carry a whole episode
  • Potato chip bulge
  • Mama the vomiting bartender
  • Top Bomber
  • Shiro's sudden puberty

Sgt Frog Abridged - Episode 17

Sgt Frog Abridged - Episode 18

  • Yoshi came back
    • Almost no motivation to write, focused on other projects
    • Had to restart script to get back into it. Helped to begin fresh from a different point
  • Todd is Fuyuki and Natsumi's father
  • Giroro's song
  • Overly Serious Keroro
  • Fuyuki's Oscar moment
  • Beetle Jesus
  • Galactic Observation Dominion
  • Made Keroro into Dororo's little brother
  • Future Kululu
  • Ending and credits sequences

SFA is over

  • Questions from YouTube, why 18 was the end, fate of series
  • Favourite episodes
    • How Travis became a team member
  • Favourite jokes
    • Advice for new abridgers
  • Favourite characters
    • Dororo's developing character
    • Keroro's developing character
    • Favourite bit characters
  • Characters we wish we could have used more
  • What's next
    • Tamers Abridged pilot
    • New Mystery Dungeon game announced, waiting for an anime special
    • Possible One Piece one-shot


  • Thorn
  • Yoshi
  • Travis



  • Thorn's mic quality drops several minutes in due to complications with Ustream. His pitch also rose at that moment, but this was fixed for the recording.
  • SFA would return the following year. Tamers Abridged, the second PMDA and the One Piece one-shot fell through. Thorn is currently working on getting Tamers off the ground again separately.
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