Sgt Frog Abridged: Episode 23
Season 3, Episode 23
Air date ETA: September 30, 2015
Written by an-artist-complex
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Episode 23 is an upcoming episode set to be about HQ.

Development Notes

Planning for the episode started on May 2, as it is split from the script for Episode 22. The section of script that became this episode began writing on August 19 with Thorn, Travis, Jacob and Olivia, and was split into its own episode on the 21st. The script was completed with Thorn, Jacob and Olivia on September 11. All of the necessary voicing was completed by the 20th, and the episode is currently set to be finished on the 30th.

Additional Trivia

  • This episode was intended to be the second half of Episode 22 and was written at the same time. However, as the SFA22 script got progressively longer, Thorn, Travis and Jacob decided it would be better to split the script into two episodes.
  • Nuii and Gyororo were intended to star in SFA23 before the script for SFA22 was split. They instead appear in Episode 24.
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