TheMidnightFrogs Podcast
Episode 27
TheMidnightFrogs Podcast Episode 27 - Second MidnightFrogs Anniversary

TheMidnightFrogs Podcast Episode 27 - Second MidnightFrogs Anniversary

Air date 1/2/2012
Length 1:21:38
Starring ThornBrain
Mugiwara Yoshi
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Second Midnight Frogs Anniversary is the twenty-seventh episode of TheMidnightFrogs Podcast. It was hosted by ThornBrain and Mugiwara Yoshi with Vorhias and Tempe.


  • Our Christmases and New Year's
    • Parabolic Butt Theorem
    • Kreo
    • Tempe's new broken laptop
  • Thorn's Top 5 Albums of 2011:
    • 5: The Fall - Ersatz GB
    • 4: John Foxx & The Maths - Interplay
    • 3: The Horrors - Skying
    • 2: Tom Waits - Bad As Me
    • 1: They Might Be Giants - Join Us
  • TheStrawhatNO! updates
  • The second anniversary of TheMidnightFrogs
  • SFA15
    • Keroro Love Fighters
    • Keroro's delusional reveals in the Post-Credits
    • The wedding
      • Why we did it
      • Why both Giroro and Dororo are in dresses
      • Introduction of Tempe to the team
      • The poems
  • Sgt Frog Abridging Contest winner
    • deathlymuffins - Sgt Frog Christmas Special One-Shot Extravaganza Party
  • 2012
    • Season 2 will be shortened; the last three episodes and the movie still going as planned
  • Q&A


  • Hidden in the Code never came back, and Yoshi has long since retired the idea.
  • Thorn notes that he was very pissy and depressed during the period this and the previous podcast aired, and holding the Sgt Frog abridging contest at the time may have been a bad idea, and as such he took them down from the main channel after some viewer backlash and personal embarrassment. He later reuploaded them to his archive channel.
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