Saw Beat
Released February 7, 2011
Recorded 2010
Genre Sampling, Electronic, Remix
Label Futures Passed Free Music
Link MediaFire
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Saw Beat is an EP by ThornBrain collecting two cut-and-paste sample experiments he made in 2010 with his remix of "Industry Standard" by Sawtooth.

Songs[edit | edit source]

The EP's title track is composed of samples taken from U2's "Numb" (the drum track, it in turn a sample of a Hitler Youth playing a drum), Cabaret Voltaire's "Nag Nag Nag" (the eponymous saw guitar), and various Peter Gabriel songs.

"Saw Coffee (Mensforth Hill)" is "Saw Beat" reversed (a reference to "Mensforth Hill" by the Clash, hence the name) and topped with an additional drum track from Peter Gabriel's "The Family and the Fishing Net". A humorous clip written by Thorn's friend Madcapoperator parodying Christian fundamentalists, "God is a Dishwasher", is read out by Thorn alongside a droning D chord guitar arpeggio, then slowed down and reverberated until it is unintelligible.

"Industry Standard (Intoxicated, He Senses Rejection)" is an Ambient Industrial remix of the then-unreleased track "Industry Standard" by Sawtooth, which was set to feature Thorn on vocals. The drum track is dismantled and rebuilt into a polyrhythmic loop, the song is mostly restructured, the synths are reverberated, and Thorn makes use of fake voice samples combined with actual samples from "Animation" by Cabaret Voltaire. The original version of "Industry Standard" would later be released on the Breakbit compilation Breakbit Volume 1, featuring more fake voice samples from Thorn.

Tracklisting[edit | edit source]

  1. "Saw Beat" - (Austin Scholl)
  2. "Saw Coffee (Mensforth Hill)" - (Dan Flintham, A. Scholl)
  3. "Industry Standard (Intoxicated, He Senses Rejection)" - (Lee Martin, A. Scholl)
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