SFA Song Parodies - "Pretty Girl's All Mine" (Chris Isaak)

SFA Song Parodies - "Pretty Girl's All Mine" (Chris Isaak)

"Pretty Girl's All Mine" is a song parody by ThornBrain of Chris Isaak's "Pretty Girls Don't Cry". It was written, recorded and uploaded shortly after Sgt Frog Abridged - Episode 3R. It is the first song parody to be newly recorded from the ground up. It is thus the first to have its related YouTube video be the song's recording process, showing Thorn recording the guitar and bass.

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Song FormatEdit

The parody is written from the perspective of Giroro about his infatuation with Natsumi. The lyrics are more humorous than the previous song parody, with the song referencing Giroro being constantly knocked out of Natsumi's window in SFA3, as well as Giroro seeing her rear in the shower. The guitars, bass and vocals are performed entirely by Thorn over a sampled drum track. Thorn's composition is primarily based off the original 1985 recording from Chris Isaak's debut Silvertone, with the guitar solo based off of the 1996 Baja Sessions acoustic re-recording.


Pretty girl's all mine

I know exactly who I want

Pretty girl walks by

And all my dreams she'll surely haunt

I watch her walk

I wanna call her name

I try

But my head's in her window frame

I know she don't act like it, but

She wants me, too

Pretty girl's got brass

That babe taught me a thing or two

Pretty girl's got ass

But it just won't enter my view

I watch her walk

I fall for her game

I know

A rapist would say the same

I know that she don't show it, but

She wants me, too

Pretty girl's not mine

And I don't know what I should do

I watch her walk

I wish she'd turn my way

But she

Has only cruel things to say

I know I pissed her off before, but

She wants me, too

She wants me, too

She wants me, too oh

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