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Voice Actor

Mugiwara Yoshi

First Appearance

Episode 4


Bit character

Patty Morgan Sanders, AKA Mrs PMS, is a recurring bit character in Sgt Frog Abridged. She is Natsumi and Koyuki's teacher, and she speaks in an angry, deep shout. She is highly supportive of Natsumi and thinks she is the only student with a chance at succeeding in the real world. She is included in the R.I.P. list after the Episode 18 credits after being time frozen along with the rest of Earth's population, and despite her likely revival after Sgt Frog Abridged: Reset, she never makes another appearance.


  • She only makes a visual appearance at the start of SFA4. All other appearances are voice-only.
  • Her voice appearance midway through SFA2 was originally just Yoshi yelling in a random deep voice. When Mrs PMS became a character in SFA4, and the original SFA2 was remade the next year, the random guy was changed to her.
  • Her name came from just Yoshi and Thorn playing around with the PMS acronym.