Omiyo as seen in Episode 21
Character info
Title Ghost girl
Gender Female
Race Human ghost
Faction None
Voice Actor Thaichestnuts
First Appearance Episode 21
Status Bit character
Omiyo is a bit character in Sgt Frog Abridged. She is a ghost that originally inhabited the Hinata family's basement, but she was exorcised by Kululu before she could make a formal appearance in Episode 2. She returns in Episode 21 to help the platoon against Dokuku, mentioning that Kululu's exorcism didn't really do anything.


  • Omiyo was intended to never appear in SFA - she only made a tiny appearance in the now-retconned Episode 2R before Yoshi and Thorn decided they couldn't do anything with her, and they didn't think she was important enough to keep around. She was written out of the series with the Episode 2 remake, but due to her being unavoidable in Episode 21, Thorn had to bring her back. Later appearances are unlikely.
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