My Parents Died and Everyone Loves Me


April 13, 2011 - November 24, 2013


Post-Punk, Noise Rock

"My Parents Died and Everyone Loves Me" is a song written by Austin Scholl and recorded under his alias ThornBrain. It was released on his second album, Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty or Dying.


The song began as one of Thorn's ideas for the "Microsongs" compilation that his then-record label was planning to make in 2011. The compilation never happened, but he saved the recordings and decided to find a use for them in Nobody Cares... The lyrics mock Mary Sue archetypes in amateur fiction, and they were written after he, Mugiwara Yoshi and their friends read a bad My Little Pony fanfiction based around a typical Mary Sue character.


My parents died
And everyone loves me
I have no faults
Except my horrible spelling
Put some colour in my hair
Try and punch me in the eye
Doesn't matter if I even deserve it
Everyone takes my side

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