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Mutsumi Saburo
Saburo's one appearance in Episode 1
Character info
Title none
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Earth
Voice Actor None for most of series
Voiced in SFA18 by MrFailGame
First Appearance Episode 1
Status Gag character

Mutsumi Saburo, usually shortened to just Saburo, is a recurring character in Sgt Frog Abridged. He is a mute who hosts a radio show, The Saburo Caters to Lonely Japanese Girls Show, ("5-straight hours of compliments that probably aren't true"). His main purpose in SFA is to be ignored or interrupted before he gets the chance to talk. Natsumi had a crush on him for most of the first two seasons before she got together with Koyuki, but even she was guilty of ignoring him when she was into him. He finally gets a short line in Episode 18 as voiced by fellow running gag, the late MrFailGame, who up until then was credited in every Season 2 episode as a non-speaking person or object.


  • Saburo was originally voiced by DFatman in Episode 1R, who gave him a faux-Irish accent and intended to play Saburo as a drunk. Thorn and Yoshi never liked the idea, so when DFatman was removed from the team the following episode, they decided to leave Saburo without a voice.
  • Saburo's constantly ignored role is to make fun of his Gary Stu-like qualities and general uselessness in the original series. Always being ignored and forgotten makes him an analogue to the Dororo from the original Keroro Gunsou.