Mutsumi Saburo
Saburo's one appearance in Episode 1
Character info
Title none
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Earth
Voice Actor None for most of series
Voiced in SFA18 by MrFailGame
First Appearance Episode 1
Status Gag character
Mutsumi Saburo, usually shortened to just Saburo, is a recurring character in Sgt Frog Abridged. He is a mute who hosts a radio show, The Saburo Caters to Lonely Japanese Girls Show, ("5-straight hours of compliments that probably aren't true"). His main purpose in SFA is to be ignored or interrupted before he gets the chance to talk. Natsumi had a crush on him for most of the first two seasons, but even she is guilty of ignoring him. He finally gets a short line in Episode 18 as voiced by fellow running gag, the late MrFailGame, who up until then was credited in every Season 2 episode as a non-speaking person or object.


  • Saburo was originally voiced by DFatman in Episode 1R, who gave him a faux-Irish accent and intended to play Saburo as a drunk. Thorn and Yoshi never liked the idea, so when DFatman was removed from the team the following episode, they decided to leave Saburo without a voice.
  • Saburo's constantly ignored role is to make fun of his Gary Stu-like qualities and general uselessness in the original series. Always being ignored and forgotten makes him an analogue to the Dororo from the original Keroro Gunsou.