Momoka Nishizawa
Momoka as [very briefly] seen in Episode 5
Character info
Title None
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Earth
Voice Actor Narusasu
First Appearance Episode 2
Status Supporting character

Momoka Nishizawa is a supporting character in Sgt Frog Abridged. She is very rich and lives in a large mansion with her god-like butler, Paul Moriyama. She is cartoonishly bipolar; she has a massive crush on Fuyuki which leads to her alternating between being very shy and sweet and being very angry and violent. While her Keroro Gunsou counterpart has a tendency to babble about random subjects when she is around Fuyuki, SFA Momoka can barely get a single thought out.

Her character did not have a speaking role between Episode 2 and Episode 10 (read Momoka's "Curse" below), so not much else is known about her. It can be implied, however, that Tamama doesn't think too highly of her.

As of Episode 13, Momoka is dead from losing Fuyuki to Alisa Southerncross, causing her head to shatter while encased in stone. By SFA17, Paul has replaced her with a life-sized puppet.

Notable Quotes

Momoka: "I just wanted to ask- I just wanted to say- you know about you, if you, would you like to, um, yeah. Potato-design. Wind. Rocking chairs! Canyons! I want a b-bike for my birth-b-b-beddidy-beddidy-bop-BOPBITTYBOP!!"
Fuyuki: "...I think you were flat."
Momoka: "STATUUUUE!!!" - Episode 2

Momoka: "Now Paul, whatever you do, don't do anything that can ruin this for me."
Paul: "...So you mean-"
Together: "Don't. Do. Anything."
Paul: "...KAY!"
*Loud crashing*
Momoka: "Mother FUCK, Paul!" - Episode 10

Momoka's "Curse"

  • Momoka is the series' resident curse. She went through several voice actors during the production of her debut episode. Finding a voice for her took nearly four months, during which the episode sat stagnant. The resulting frustration with the character led to her being both ignored and mocked for the rest of the season; she did not return until Episode 10, at which point the team were comfortable with using her again.
  • Yoshi and Thorn considered killing off Momoka during the height of the voice actor fiasco, making their eventual killing of the character after Narusasu joined the team all the more ironic.
  • Continuing the characters' curse, Narusasu moved to Japan shortly after Momoka was killed off. The team would have happily brought the character back, but after losing yet another of her VAs, they left her dead. Narusasu returned to the US in June 2013, making her and Momoka's return to the series a possibility.


  • LillyLivers voiced Momoka for SFA2R as a backup, but she was unable to voice her for SFA10. Narusasu was made the new voice for SFA10; she was notably the voice for Momoka in TheSmashBro's own Sgt Frog abridged series, and Thorn liked her work so much that he asked her to voice in SFA.
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