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Momoka Nishizawa
Momoka as [very briefly] seen in Episode 5
Character info
Title None
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Earth
Voice Actor Narusasu
First Appearance Episode 2
Status Supporting character

Momoka Nishiza is a supporting character in Sgt Frog Abridged.

This page under construction until the character reappears


  • Momoka went through several voice actors during the production of Episode 2R. Finding a voice for her took nearly four months, during which the episode sat stagnant. The resulting frustration with the character led to her being both ignored and mocked for the rest of the season; she did not return until Episode 10, at which point the team were comfortable with using her again.
    • LillyLivers finally voiced Momoka for SFA2R, but she was unable to voice her for SFA10. Narusasu, her current VA, was notably the voice for Momoka in TheSmashbro's own Sgt Frog abridged series; Thorn liked her work so much that he asked her to voice in SFA.
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