TheMidnightFrogs Podcast
Episode 45
Podcast 45 - Living in the Jacob Whale

Podcast 45 - Living in the Jacob Whale

Air date 10/02/2015
Length 1:21:01
Starring ThornBrain
Mugiwara Yoshi
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Living in the Jacob Whale is the forty-fifth episode of TheMidnightFrogs Podcast. It was hosted by ThornBrain, Mugiwara Yoshi, BigTUnit1, JigglyJacob, an-artist-complex, and Thaichestnuts.



  • TheMidnightFrogs
    • AskGiroDoro returns
    • The plan for the rest of SFA Season 3
    • Another Pokemon one-shot?
  • TheStrawhatNO!
    • Status on current LPs - Last of Us: Left Behind, Skies of Arcadia, Pikmin 3, Harvest Moon, Hatoful Boyfriend
  • Jetters Abridged
    • Episode 7
    • Episode list has been skimmed and condensed
  • Ask Deep Dash and Crazy Twilight
    • More abridged videos
    • Ask Fluttershy

Sgt Frog Abridged - Episode 22

  • Written with Olivia, Jon, Jacob and Travis
  • Script split into two episodes halfway through
  • VA additions: Ches as Koyuki, Omahdon as Yukiki, Travis as Ocelot and Kagege
  • Momoka's back
  • HQ's coffee addiction for four straight months
  • "Don't Go Breaking My Sarge"
  • SAHNIK quotes
  • Robobo playing western music
  • Ocelot quoting Jacob
  • Ninja magic bullshit is official
  • Giant Ninja Fuck You Star finally works as intended

Sgt Frog Abridged - Episode 23

  • Ask GiroDoro returns
  • HQ passing out constantly
  • Pineapple boats
  • Keroro's mistakes are like his children
  • Na-na-na na na-na-na
  • Bear trap
  • The platoon hates work
  • Dororo acid trip
    • "Pollo Pollo Pollo"
    • Mukuro
    • "I'm the big kid now"
  • Koyuki and Natsumi finally shown as a couple
  • Chocolate-covered friendship speech
  • Dororo back cracking
  • Ridiculous Trivia
  • Flock of Raidens
  • Clip from Ask GiroDoro

Q&A and Shooting the Shit


  • The podcast title comes from something a viewer in the chat says near the end of the podcast. The podcast image is a drawing by Jacob of The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3 as a whale.
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