Knock Gabriel Knock
Released April 23, 2011
Recorded August 2009 - April 2011
Genre Noise, Avant-Garde
The Right Way to do Everything
"Echo to Canal Street"
"I Feel Fantastic"

"Knock Gabriel Knock" is a noise track by Austin Scholl released under his alias ThornBrain for The Right Way to do Everything EP. The track is inspired variously by Throbbing Gristle, Scott Walker, and Peter Gabriel.

About[edit | edit source]

The track dates back to long before TheMidnightFrogs were formed: Thorn was playing around with his guitar at random when he found that he could ring out his guitar by tapping the back. He recorded a track each for his guitar and bass, processed each through reverb and delay effects, then made a tongue-in-cheek cover of Peter Gabriel's "Games Without Frontiers" with it (bookending it with a guitar hook from The Rolling Stones' "Can't You Hear Me Knocking", hence the title).

When Thorn began putting together The Right Way..., he stripped the vocals and musical guitar parts back to the base noise tracks. He then wrote vague, bleak, Scott Walker's The Drift-inspired lyrics (making several references to "Games Without Frontiers"), and sung the lyrics in an-also-Scott Walker-inspired, drawn-out wail. The vocals were stretched and run through a chorus to create a glitchy effect, and a vocoder was used to create a mechanical whirring throughout the track.

The lyrics "No Equals Resist" is a reference to a song by the same name written by Thorn's dad Mike. "No Equals Resist" was intended to be recorded for BlackholeWhitespace, but it was never properly started.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Cold white hands
In the water
Call him home
He's safe with me

Radiance here
In the stars
No equals

Knock, Gabriel, Knock
They can almost hear you
Knock, Gabriel, Knock

Hans falls
Lot's doll
Salt water
Drown daughter

Fire wall
Hand pressed
Shot breast

Whistle tunes in the dunes
Pulled in the sand,
Knock, Gabriel, Knock

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