Joriri as seen in Episode 11
Character info
Title Hobo
Gender Male
Race Keronian
Faction none
Voice Actor BigTUnit1
First Appearance Episode 11
Status Minor character
Joriri is a minor character in Sgt Frog Abridged. He is a hobo from Keroro, Giroro, and Dororo's childhood who told them nonsensical thoughts, which they took as advice. He appears out of nowhere and befriends the kids by blowing up some bullies, but by the time the kids have grown up, they've come to realize just how weird Joriri really was.

Joriri is revealed in Episode 25 to be Shurara's mother and one of many people who had sex with Viper. Shurara went insane from a mixture of taking Joriri's advice his whole life and being neglected by Joriri leaving to hang out with Keroro and his friends. While Joriri is never seen in the episode, Shurara hears him in his head, influencing him a'la Norman Bates and his mother from Psycho.

Notable Quotes

"Jimimi, play a little tune for me." *Blues riff starts playing* "*Singing* Less talking, more walking. Unless you're on an island. 'Cause you're gonna fuckin' drown."

"Don’t worry kids, I run a lemonade stand. And when I run outta lemons, that leads to violence."

"You kids know about Easy-Bake Ovens? Well I tried to make ‘em difficult. I failed."

"Volcanoes erupt once every year. Just like having sex with me, except less people die."

"Look young man. May I call you young man? I would rather not. Listen, you will find yourself interested in many different men and women, and sometimes you will find yourself driving backwards to your son's wedding. But remember this: the sun never sets on love. It only questions why you showed up to a wedding in nothing but two socks and a chain wallet. Now get out there, and get me a wife."
- Episode 11


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