TheMidnightFrogs Podcast
Episode 38
Podcast 38 - Jim McRage and the Comuter Virus

Podcast 38 - Jim McRage and the Comuter Virus

Air date 5/17/2014
Length 1:34:02
Starring ThornBrain
Mugiwara Yoshi
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Jim McRage and the Comuter Virus is the thirty-eighth episode of TheMidnightFrogs Podcast. It was hosted by ThornBrain, Mugiwara Yoshi, and BigTUnit1.

Unlike all previous episodes, this podcast had no structure and was merely an excuse to do something on TheMidnightFrogs channel, which had been inactive the previous month. The trio read excerpts from the poorly written book, Dracula 2010, discuss video games, and otherwise goof off.

Thorn also announces that he, MrVorhias and TheSmashBro are doing a They Might Be Giants tribute album. He and Yoshi also announce a remake of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Abridged, to be titled Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Abridged: Fire Red Version.


  • This is the first structureless podcast since the early episodes of Fatty Time in 2009. They happened more often due to how much fun this episode was.
  • The episode takes its name from two stories in the Dracula 2010 book. "Comuter" is purposefully misspelled, as it is in the book.
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