I Feel Fantastic
Released April 23, 2011
Recorded December 14, 2009 - April 2011
Genre Noise Pop, Post-Punk
The Right Way to do Everything
"Knock Gabriel Knock"
"Lost Effort"

"I Feel Fantastic" is a song written by Austin Scholl and released under his alias ThornBrain for The Right Way to do Everything EP. Unlike the other tracks from the EP, "I Feel Fantastic" is a mostly structured song.


The music was mostly improvised on the spot, based around a simple guitar chord progression and fluctuating phaser/flange noise. The lyrics were inspired by a surreal YouTube video, "I Feel Fantastic", which shows a female, robotic mannequin singing. The video description describes the story of Pygmalion in Greek mythology and compares the video to his story.


Woman kind, sacred skin
Needs no mind
Touched by dollars
Where's the guilt

There must be purity
Not a body

Don't look at me
Don't say no
It's my desire
For eyes with no fire
A statue girl

Honest love only for
My ideal design
Love her like she's real

I tell her, she feels fantastic
If only she stopped
Smiling at me

Don't look at me
Don't look alive
A dead girl

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