Fatty Time
Episode 7
Air date 01/15/2010
Length 1:30:36
Starring DFatman
Mugiwara Yoshi
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Superman'd Out the Window
Marik's Shattered Dick in a Box

ICE CREAM in the MEN'S ROOM is the seventh episode of the Fatty Time podcast. It aired January 15, 2010, and was hosted by DFatman with ThornBrain, Mugiwara Yoshi, GhostTC, LordMog, ThePS2God, and VFanatic.


  • Today's events
  • Sgt Frog Abridged updates
  • FATLPs status
  • Legend of the Fatman status
  • Fatman's Fucked-Up but True Story
  • Fatman does a review
  • Grammar Nazi Thorn
  • Fatman and Mog sing "Come Eat Away"


  • The podcast takes its name from the Grammar Nazi Thorn segment.
  • Thorn calls this the second worst episode of Fatty Time, right behind Psy and Cailen. After this podcast, Fatty Time was not allowed to have more than four people in one podcast at a time. VFanatic was also banned from the podcast after this and wouldn't be brought back until Thorn and Yoshi split from Fatman, but then he was banned again shortly after.
  • Thorn and Yoshi were in-and-out of the podcast due to working on their Tamama cover of "Dick in a Box", which would not be aired until the next podcast.
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