August 31, 2010 - November 20, 2013


Punk Rock

"Headcase" is a song written by Austin Scholl and recorded under his alias ThornBrain. It appeared on the promotional Spider compilation as an outtake from Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty or Dying.


The song was originally written in September 2009 with a Velvet Underground-inspired musical style. No demos or audio ideas were recorded until planning for Nobody Cares..., during which the song was changed to a fast Punk Rock style. The lyrics were unaltered, and they are nonsense pun jokes. The verse about concrete hands breaking guitar strings is a reference to Elvis Costello, who was called "The Little Hands of Concrete" by producer Nick Lowe after breaking some guitar strings while recording his first album.


I'm in love with a china set
When she gets on my back
I threaten to break it up
I laugh at my joke
She walks out the door
I think I deserve it

I'm in love with my guitar strings
Soft little whack and I can make her sing
But my concrete hands
Make no one laugh
Lost another
Split in half

I'm in love with a plastic bag
Insert suffocation joke
I'm such a headcase I don't even choke

Headcase, headcase
Headcase, headcase
Headcase, headcase, headcase

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