Hang On, I Got This


June 17, 2012 - November 20, 2013


Power Pop, Hardcore Punk

"Hang On, I Got This" is a song written by Austin Scholl and recorded under his alias ThornBrain. It was released on his second album, Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty or Dying, as well as the promotional Spider compilation.


The song was inspired by listening to DC Hardcore Punk bands such as Minor Threat and Scream, and their influence was combined with the idea to have a song that doubled in speed every section. The lyric "accidental kerosene embalment" was written first, then the idea to write a second song based around unintentional death (after "What a Way to Go") developed from there.

The acoustic intro was cannibalized from an unfinished song called "I Believe", which would have provided counterpoints to usual, mostly religious, beliefs. The intro is about how famous musicians die, and fans and critics look through their lyrics for hints that the artist knew about their impending death.

The song namechecks "Beat the Clock" by Sparks, a favourite song of Thorn's.


I believe in coincidences
When I'm gone they'll all point to this
Like I saw it coming, like it's prophetic
But you never see it coming
So the going feel pathetic
Just coincidences

I gotta wonder what's been taking him so long
A bit of good luck, hiding in a ditch all day
I already know how it all went wrong
I hear you better when you're further away

Accidental kerosene embalment
Boss is sick and tired of your involvement
Found a new way to beat the clock
But they dump you beside the dock

Too late to learn hearts don't have any strings
What is the metaphor, hanging up by its eyes
Wait to cry when you lost all your things
Look, the joke is everybody dies

At the tender age of mitigation
Mouth to light is not illumination
Blame yourself, you're barely a year old
That was it or melting in the cold

You know you did it to yourself
Your mother dropped you down a well
Your father promised not to tell
You know you did it to yourself
Die right and it's hilarious
Until the joke's on you

Never say again (Hang on, I got this)
Don't ever tell your friends (Hang on, I got this)
You haven't got a body left to waste

You know you did it to yourself
The victim said to blame yourself
Look at what you did to yourself
You know you did it to yourself
No matter what could break your bones
Your skull needs a jackhammer

Never say again (Hang on, I got this)
Don't ever tell your friends (Hang on, I got this)
You haven't got a body left to waste
We're missing all the anger in your face
And all that's left is strewn around the place

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