Recorded October 2012 - July 2013
Genre Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, Experimental Rock, Lo-fi
Label Mind Antivirus Entertainment
ThornBrain music chronology
Spider EP

Geizhals is an upcoming album by ThornBrain. It was to be the first full-length album written entirely by Thorn and the first album to be sold, but Thorn officially shelved the album indefinitely July 2013. He is instead working on a currently-unnamed Punk/Experimental album.

Musically the album will be darker and heavier, featuring improved production, songwriting and singing from BlackholeWhitespace. Similar to how said album followed a theme of paranoia, Geizhals will follow various concepts of perception, be it the alteration thereof or offering contrarian points of view (for example, "Spider" mocks Arachnophobia by offering spiders as a metaphor for an unnoticed but more suitable lover than insects and dogs).

Confirmed Tracks

Title and Cover Art

"Geizhals" is a German slang term for a greedy miser; it translates literally into "skinflint", and is used similarly to how "redneck" and "chav" are used in English as slang for a type of person.

The cover art will be inspired by a 1926 painting "Der Geizhals" by Margret Hofheinz-Döring and will borrow heavily from the colour palette of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. A cropped version of "Der Geizhals" will compose the art for the Spider EP.

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