Recorded October 2012 - Present
Genre Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, Experimental Rock, Lo-fi
Label Mind Antivirus Entertainment
ThornBrain music chronology
The Right Way to do Everything
Spider EP

Geizhals is the upcoming second album by ThornBrain. It will be the first full-length album written entirely by Thorn and the first album to be sold. A free promo EP for the leadoff single "Spider" is also being recorded.

Musically the album will be darker and heavier, featuring improved production, songwriting and singing from BlackholeWhitespace. Similar to how said album followed a theme of paranoia, Geizhals will follow various concepts of perception, be it the alteration thereof or offering contrarian points of view (for example, "Spider" mocks Arachnophobia by offering spiders as a metaphor for an unnoticed but more suitable lover than insects and dogs).

Confirmed Tracks

Title and Cover Art

"Geizhals" is a German slang term for a greedy miser; it translates literally into "skinflint", and is used similarly to how "redneck" and "chav" are used in English as slang for a type of person.

The cover art will be inspired by a 1926 painting "Der Geizhals" by Margret Hofheinz-Döring and will borrow heavily from the colour palette of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. A cropped version of "Der Geizhals" will compose the art for the Spider EP.

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