SFA Song Parodies - "Friendship" (Randy Newman)

SFA Song Parodies - "Friendship" (Randy Newman)

"Friendship" is a song parody by BigTUnit1 of Randy Newman's "You've Got a Friend in Me", heard in Sgt Frog Abridged - Episode 24. The song is mostly garbled words and disconnected statements, tying in with the childlike strangeness of the names of Natsumi's toys, as well as the odd timbre of Randy Newman's singing voice. Instead of the song's title, the primary chorus line is "Don't hit your dick with a brick".

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Song Format

The song is sung by Travis to a karaoke version of the original and follows the original's structure. Travis's vocals are purposefully difficult to understand.


You got a kookadoo
Da dook a book a jook
When I scream at a hammerhead
And the bad news come because Stalin's dead
Doesn’t matter what the doctor says
Don’t hit your dick with a brick (3x)

Cute little kookadoo
Babies laughing making fun of your ass
And a blue ninja frog doesn’t like your sass
Third world problems with a mouth full of glass
Don’t hit your dick with a brick (2x)

Some other ghosts might be a little bit spookier now
they never chew their food
Cuz baby, when kookadoo knew clue what to do
Who to love you too, my boyfriend is crying

Now Little kookadoo
Spending time with wikitiyoohoo!
Ghengis Khan wishes he was there too
Don’t hit your dick with a brick (3x)

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