Echo to Canal Street
Released April 23, 2011
Recorded July 2010 - April 2011
Genre Ambient, Noise
The Right Way to do Everything
"No One"
"Knock Gabriel Knock"

"Echo to Canal Street" is an ambient/noise track by Austin Scholl, released under his alias ThornBrain for The Right Way to do Everything EP. The song is composed of a relatively old experiment inspired by Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music; Thorn held his guitar up against his guitar amp (plus chorus effect) and strummed it, allowing the feedback to create an echo effect. The recording was further processed for the EP: Thorn ran the track through a brickwall limiter (notably producing the loud "boom" later in the song), readjusted the volume throughout the track, and ran some segments through reverb.

The original recording was called "Echolofeedback", but the name was changed when LillyLivers described the track as something she would listen to while on the bus to Canal Street in her native New York City.

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