Dororo's Mom
Dororo's Mom
Dororo's Mom as seen in Episode 19
Character info
Title Mother
Gender Female
Race Keronian
Faction n/a
Voice Actor ThornBrain
First Appearance Episode 4
Status Supporting character
Dororo's Mom is a recurring character in Sgt Frog Abridged. She has no given name, only known as the mother of Dororo, though she is also the mother of Keroro and the wife of Viper. Despite being very wealthy, she is a cheapskate and is always looking for ways to not treat Dororo to anything. She also treats him very poorly, always calling him something other than his name and being an early cause of his relationship issues; she was likely the chronologically first person to call him a wrong name. The two made amends following SFA19.

It is believed that she has had multiple husbands, given the events of SFA10, but she has since returned to Viper. She had Dororo and Keroro by Viper, but she long forgot about Keroro after Dororo and Viper sold him for bail money.


  • While her voice is the same falsetto as Tamama and Lesbo #2, Thorn's inspiration for the character was from hearing Monty Python doing similar voices during his childhood.
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