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Dobuchu, also known as Narusasu or simply Brandy, is a voice actress. She is best known as the voice for Momoka in both JigglyJacob's now-defunct Sgt Frog: The Other Abridged Series and TheMidnightFrogs' Sgt Frog Abridged.

TheMidnightFrogs and Sgt Frog Abridged

Other Credits

  • Momoka - BokegaeruProductions' Sgt Frog: The Other Abridged Series
  • Ion - Maddogg91's Tales of the Abridged


  • Dobuchu was asked to voice Momoka in SFA after ThornBrain heard her in SF:TOAS. Her debut in SFA10 marked the first time Momoka had a voice since SFA2R (and subsequently the SFA2 remake), due to a fiasco the team had finding a voice actor for her. However, she had to leave both SFA and SF:TOAS due to moving to Japan, where her living conditions didn't allow for voice acting. She returned to the US in June 2013, returning to the series as the voice of Poyon and later with Momoka's resurrection.
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