Dirty Old Ghost Town
Released January 31, 2011
Recorded December 29, 2010 - January 21, 2011
Genre Alternative Rock, Post-Punk
"There for Me"
"Count All the Flies in My House"

"Dirty Old Ghost Town" is a song written by ThornBrain's dad Mike Scholl. ThornBrain released a cover of it on his debut album, BlackholeWhitespace.


The song is one of three covers Thorn recorded of his dad Mike's music for BlackholeWhitespace, "Ghost Town" being the most recent. Thorn's version is largely unchanged from Mike's original, though Thorn found his own version came out considerably weaker.


How things went down isn't
Up for debate
What is is how you have now
Filled up the plate
With projects and people whom
I can't relate
It's you and your world versus
Me and my fate

I'm roaming the backstreets of a
Dirty old town
Where ghosts of the haven
Are no longer bound
By the outside world
It's a pleasure to see
Other invisible
People like me

I'll soon be fine and we'll
Sleep through the night
With visions of wandering
Souls in their plight
Declaring to all that they
Too are alright
A lying dark ghost town would
Be quite a sight

I'm roaming the backstreets of a
Dirty old town
Where spirits of lost loves are
No longer found in the
Outside world
It's a pleasure to find
Other invisibles
Losing their minds

Just another time and place
And after a while
I'll forget your face

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