Birdy as he appears in Episode 1
Character info
Title Taxi driver
Gender Male
Race Bird
Faction The Jetters
Voice Actor BigTUnit1
First Appearance Episode 1
Status Supporting character

Birdy is a supporting character in Jetters Abridged. He has also made vocal appearances in Sgt Frog Abridged, usually in a way that ties into Jetters.


Birdy speaks in a calm and cool tone, but nearly everything he says is a surreal non-sequitur (a'la Steven Wright, Mitch Hedburg and Jack Handey), and despite always being cool, his sanity is suspect. Because of this, very little is actually known about Birdy; nothing he says about his past can be taken at face value. The only known things about him are that he drives a taxi, is aware of Earth music and culture, and has a burning hatred of marine mammals.

Birdy has his own Twitter account and Tumblr Q&A blog, the former run by ThornBrain and the latter by Travis.

Notable Quotes

"What's your opinion on papier mache?" - Episode 1

"Shout, remember something important: if a shower head could talk, it would probably say: 'Kssssssssssh-'"
*Later in the episode*
"'-Sssssssssh, squeak squeak. You take too fucking long to shower.' That's what my shower would say to me." *Pause* "Don't interrupt me." - Episode 2

*In Keroro's refrigerator* "I don't remember inviting you to my house party. But welcome." - Sgt Frog Abridged - Episode 9

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