Fatty Time
Episode 4
Fatty Time Episode 4 - Bad Audition Hour

Fatty Time Episode 4 - Bad Audition Hour

Air date 12/30/2009
Length 1:47:41
Starring Mugiwara Yoshi
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Bad Audition Hour is the fourth episode of the Fatty Time podcast. It aired December 30, 2009, and was hosted by Mugiwara Yoshi and ThornBrain, with occasional interjections from GhostTC and DFatman.


  • The entire episode is composed of Yoshi playing bad auditions for various Sgt Frog projects around YouTube. This became a very short-lived podcast segment that only lasted through the next podcast.
  • This is the first podcast with GhostTC, who was signed on to voice Kululu earlier that day. He would become a Fatty Time regular and would continue to be so after Thorn and Yoshi split from Fatman.
  • The long-running inside joke, "Dorodo" (a mispronunciation of Dororo), originates from a kid in one of the videos played during the podcast.
  • Thorn's mocking of some of the kids is supposedly one of the initial inspirations for his Fuyuki voice.
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