Angol Mois
Mois as seen in Episode 5
Character info
Title King of Terror
Gender Female
Race Angolan
Faction Keroro Platoon
Voice Actor codeblackhayate
First Appearance Episode 5
Status Supporting character

Mois's true form

Angol Mois is a supporting character in Sgt Frog Abridged and is a member of the Keroro Platoon. She is a gleefully innocent alien girl who dotes on her life-long family-friend Keroro.


Mois came from her planet to destroy Earth for an unknown reason, which she notably accomplished in her first episode. She took the form of a runaway street thug named Asami, whom Mois saw as a symbol of strength. Shortly after, due to Asami apparently being nearsighted, Mois crashed into the Hinata house and was reunited with her family-friend Keroro. Because her mission has been accomplished (albeit reversed thanks to Kululu), her only reason for staying on Earth is to hang out with Keroro.

Mois tends to be ditzy, though Thorn insists that this is due to a child-like innocence and not because of any actual stupidity.


Mois has a massive crush on Keroro, whom she affectionately calls "Uncle Keroro" as per Japanese honorifics. She has only once made a direct pass at Keroro, though the credits for Episode 18 have her ready to admit her true feelings to Keroro; any romantic feelings are dropped from the series after this though. She rarely interacts directly with the rest of the cast, though she did notably convince Kululu to help her record a video message for her father.

Nothing is known about her father, though it is inferred that he is linked to her mission to destroy Earth.

Notable Quotes

*Pointing to Asami* "YOU LOOK LIKE MEEEE!" - Episode 5


  • Mois was originally voiced by Australian YouTube user RenegadeFaith, but she only voiced Mois for a brief cameo in Episode 2R before being dropped during production of Episode 5. Codeblackhayate was asked to replace her at the last minute, much like what had happened with Code's voice for Jessie in Best Wishes Abridged.
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