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Alisa as seen in Episode 13
Character info
Title n/a
Gender Female
Race Doll
Faction n/a
Voice Actor Dobuchu
First Appearance Episode 13
Status Supporting character

Alisa Southerncross is a supporting character in Sgt Frog Abridged. She captures aliens to feed to her dad, Black Nebula, an amorphous alien that sits atop her head in the form of cat ears; she was originally just a doll, but Nebula brought her to life in order to help him find food. In SFA13 she kidnaps Fuyuki after suddenly becoming attracted to him. By the end of the episode Fuyuki has become her boyfriend so that she and Nebula don't harm anyone else on Earth. However she is never seen for the rest of the series.

Alisa always speaks in a hushed monotone at varying degrees of sinister.