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Aki Hinata
Aki as seen in Episode 4
Character info
Title Mom
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Earth
Voice Actor LillyLivers
First Appearance Episode 1
Status Supporting character

Aki Hinata is a supporting character in Sgt Frog Abridged. She is a manga editor and flirt who wants to use Keroro for her own means. She openly admits to being clueless about parenthood.

The writers had so few ideas for her that she was largely written out of SFA as of Season 3.


Aki lives with her son, Fuyuki, and her daughter, Natsumi. The father, (revealed in Episode 18 to be Todd Sirkowski), is always gone, and she is usually out at work. Not much else is known about her, though she has openly flirted with Keroro several times, and he openly admits his attraction to her.

She has occasionally shown signs of ditziness, but in her own words she's likely just a goof.

Notable Quotes

Keroro: "...Soy un inspectedor de casa..?" (I'm the house inspector...?)
Aki: *Pulls him into her breasts* "Well you'd better be thorough!"
Keroro: "Soy un major yes..." - Episode 1

*Following the Zeroro Dies story* "You guys are the best friends! I'm gonna make a seven-volume manga series called "Games to Play with Your Kids"! It'll sell a million copies." - Episode 4