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*The special is [[LillyLivers]]' singing debut for the team.
*The special is [[LillyLivers]]' singing debut for the team.
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"A Christmas Special (It's special, alright)" is the 2010 Christmas special for Sgt Frog Abridged. In the video, Keroro tells Giroro that he has another invasion plan, which Giroro correctly guesses is a Christmas album. The video immediately cuts to a commercial for the album, wherein Keroro narrates while clips of Christmas song parodies are played over a video for an unrelated album by Jim Nabors. Captions are cheaply inserted into the video, and the video even appears to malfunction and loop at one instance. The special ends with Keroro asking Giroro "Best invasion plan ever?", which is met with an awkward pause that Keroro ignores.


  1. "White Blanket" - Parody of "White Christmas", sung by Dororo about wanting a security blanket due to being lonely during the Christmas season.
  2. "Giroro's in Natsumi's Room" - Parody of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", sung completely out-of-time by Keroro and with incoherent lyrics.
  3. "Walking in a Mall at 12 O'clock" - Parody of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland", sung by Fuyuki about dangerous Black Friday shopping.
  4. "I'll be Home for Christmas" - Sung by Dororo about how nobody ever notices him, not even in his dreams.
  5. "Baby, It's Cold Outside" - Sung by Natsumi and Giroro, with Natsumi trying to get Giroro to leave her room.
  6. "Durdeedeedur" - Also a parody of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", sung by both Yoshi's and Thorn's respective Tamama's, with even more incomprehensible lyrics than Keroro's version.
  7. "Carol of the Kululu" - Parody of "Carol of the Bells", sung by Keroro, Tamama, Dororo, and Giroro about Kululu and how he acts. It is the only song that does not utilize a karaoke track.


  • The idea for the special was developed at the last minute, leaving little time for Thorn to decide how the video was going to look. The decision to cheaply dub over a Jim Nabors commercial was purely on-the-spot, but both Thorn and Yoshi liked the idea, as it sounds like something the largely-incompetent platoon would do.
  • The special is LillyLivers' singing debut for the team.
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